Home to 30 million people, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Nepalese children feel the full effects of widespread poverty having to work from a young age to support their families. School attendance is low and health issues are prominent. Children suffer from easily treatable and preventable  illnesses such as anaemia and worms. 


In Nepal, our sponsorship programs work towards the long-term improvement of children's lives through education, health and livelihood initiatives. Working with families, children and communities to empower them to create lasting change for future generations.

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Ram lives with his family of 8 in Nigilhawa, Nepal. At age 11, Ram is a friendly and excitable young boy. Unfortunately, with his parent’s employment difficulties having to travel to India to find work he must shepherd livestock as a way of contribution to the household. This negatively impacts his school attendance and performance.


Sarita lives in a small village in Budhi, Nepal. At the age of 14, she loves studying Nepali at school. The humid climate makes it difficult for her agriculturally reliant village to sustain a steady income, leading to widespread poverty. This creates ongoing challenges for children with low school attendance and customs such as early marriage for girls.